Festival of Unusual Cinema – Furtive Love

by Amelia Batho, contributing blogger

As you can see from our blog, Argentina has a fantastic spectrum of film festivals – Green, Short – and no subtleties to this one either – Unusual.

‘Amores Furtivos’ is the title of this months 6th annual Unusual Film Festival here in Buenos Aires.

All the films in some way incorporate the ‘furtive love’ theme, hence the festival title – but these films are not mainstream ‘pochocleras’ (spanish for “popcorn film”), hence the festival genre – ‘unusual’. These low budget films have unpredictable and unusual story lines that we are not used to seeing in conventional cinema. Many (I say many, but the total number of films in the festival is five!) have participated in international film festivals including Festival Mar de Plata and most of them are by Argentine directors who are renowned for directing slightly unusual films.

The festival started on Wednesday 1st September with ‘La Invencion de la Carne’ from Argentine director Santiago Lopez – most famous for his film ‘Strange’ which he directed back in 2004. Films will be shown every Wednesday throughout this month in the Arte Cinema (Espacio INCAA km 3) at 8pm. The next film is a supernatural thriller called ‘Gritos en la Noche’ (Screams in the Night) by another Argentine director Carlos Silva Nigri.

If you therefore fancy an alternative cinema experience, pop down to the Art Cinema in Constitucion barrio every Wednesday this month.

Check out this blog for more information on the films:



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