Hollywood to Remake another Argentina Movie, starring Steve Carrell: Un Novio para mi Mujer

Funny-man Steve Carrell will produce and star in a Hollywood adaption of the Argentine movie Un Novio para Mi Mujer, the daily Variety reported Thursday, to be called “A Boyfriend for my wife”. (Let’s hope that they find a better title, it sounds so much better in Spanish).

“In the original film, Un novio para mi mujer,’ a timid husband believes the only way out of his stifling marriage is to get his wife to fall in love with another man, so he enlists the help of a legendary yet unlikely Lothario,” Variety noted. According to Variety, Carell will produce the film and writers Mark Gibson and Phil Halprin (Snow Dogs) will pen the script.

Directed by Juan Taratuto, it was Argentina’s leading homegrown pic in 2008.

Carrel is perhaps best known for his leading role as the hilariously inappropriate office manager on The Office.

You can watch the original trailer below. It stars Adrian Suar (famous actor and TV producer) and Valeria Bertuccelli. Produced by Buena Vista International and Patagonic.


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