Man Vs Meteorite Wins First Place in Tandil Cortos Film Festival

“Man Vs. Meteorite” (Hombre Vs. Meteorito) won first prize in the documentary category at the 2010 Tandil Cortos Film Festival. The 10 minute film shows how an Argentine Knife master uses the skills his gaucho grandfather taught him to make a foot-long knife out of meteorite metal using century old techniques. The film was produced by San Telmo Productions and directed by Gabriel Balanovsky. The film was commissioned by Artisanal Knives as a way to publicize the high quality of knives made in Argentina by focusing on this unique challenge: to make a knife out of metal from outer space.

The festival which takes place in the small city of Tandil, 4 hours south of Buenos

Aires, played to packed local audiences and featured filmmakers from all over Argentina. The judges included the film actress Ana Celentano and the film director Sabrina Farji.

The film was edited by San Telmo Productions co-owner Ginger Gentile and the director of Photography is the award winning Jorge Crespo.


The festival itself was a great event, where filmmakers were invited to sample the famous “picada” or snack of handmade cheeses and salami, which is among the best of Argentina. The surrounding hills of Tandil are often used as backdrops for commercials and films hoots, and the town itself features turn of the century architecture and many interesting buildings, such as castles and cathedrals.


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