“On the Road” Movie filmed in Argentina.

by Amelia Batho, Contributing Blogger

Snow capped peaks, pines and lakes (not to mention great tourism infrastructure) make Bariloche a great film location.

On the Road, a film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s cult novel, has begun filming and part of that filming is taking place right here in Argentina, this week.

Filming officially began on August 2nd and is taking place in Montreal, New Orleans, Mexico and right here in Argentina, near to Bariloche, in the Patagonia lake district. Exact details of the filming are being kept quite but one source online reveals that the crew arrived here on Sunday and have been busy filming around the snow covered Cardenal Samoré border. The same source reveals that the cast and some of the crew members (including Kristen Stewart) are staying in the Villa La Angostura area and plan to stay until Sunday the 28th.

Sam Riley is playing Kerouac”s alter ego Sal Paradise and the relatively unknown Garrett Hedlund (from TRON: Legacy) will be playing Dean Moriarty. The two female leads will be played by Kristen Stewart (from the Twilight Saga) and Kirsten Dunst.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart, Twilight Saga Star

For years, there were rumours that the film was going to be made – many sources claiming  Marlon Brando originally bought the rights with an interest in starring in it. Francis Ford Coppola however obtained the rights in the 1980’s but production was put on hold. It is now confirmed, that the film is being directed by talented Brazilian Director Walter Salles, who directed ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’, and that the screenplay was written by José Rivera, also famous for his work on the Diaries.

The film is due for release in 2011.

More details about the film can be found on the IMDB (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0337692/)


6 thoughts on ““On the Road” Movie filmed in Argentina.

  1. Enough with the Kristen Stewart crap. All of the other actors are far more talented…how about mentioning them and not this twinky who is the flavor of the month. How about actually talking about the BOOK!!!!!

  2. Estou a espera. Quero ver esse filme. As produções latino-americanas tem o espírito de uma arte genuína que dificilmente se vê em Hollywood. O mundo ainda perceberá issp.

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