Argentine Comedian Diego Capusotto stars in film Pájaros Volando.

by Amelia Batho

Any film starring Diego Capusotto will immediately grab the attention of the Argentine public. He has received a cult following since first appearing on television in 1992 and his comedy series ‘Todo por dos pesos’ (1999) set a new bench mark for Argentine Comedy. In one of his most recent sketch show ‘Peter Capusotto y sus videos’ he can be seen portraying a spectrum of well- known stereotypes from a disillusioned rock star to a 70´s pop singer who creates snappy music inciting armed revolution. His show is one of the most commented-on television shows, as it uses humor to make fun of politicians, rock stars and everyday people.

Its not just Capusotto who is the crowd puller for this film. Director of Pájaros Volando, Néstol Montalbano, is also a big name in Argentine Comedy and has directed Capusotto numerous times before in TV and films that include the well received ‘Soy tu Aventura’ (2003). Luis Luque who plays a fantastic supporting role and who has collaborated with the two before is also part of the team. All three are renowned for the social commentary used in their comedy.

Pájaros Volando follows that same style of humour. The film tells the tale of failed rockstar José (played by Capusotto) a one hit wonder whose song Pajaros Volando was a hit in the eighties. After trying and failing to reform his band ‘Dientes de Limon’, he decides to go and visit one of his former band mates, his cousin Miguel (Luque), who has become an eccentric hippy, claiming to have been abducted by aliens and selling crafts at a local fair. On arriving in Miguels local village, our protagonist finds himself in a bizarre community where he encounters rock and roll, delirious hippies and extraterrestrial activities….

Writer Damien Dietzel has produced an original, intelligent script with some witty one liners delivered by a fantastic supporting cast who make up the mix of wacky personalities José (Capusotto) meets throughout the film. There are some notable cameos from other icons in Argentine television such as Juan Carlos Mesa and even (a very popular) appearance from Argentine politician Antonio Cafiero.

As a foreigner I did find that a couple of the cultural references flew straight over my head but the audience in the cinema could not get enough and their reaction really showed how relatable the writing in the film is to the local public.

With a great cast and fantastic script, this film is pure entertainment from start to finish and not one to miss if you want a taste of current Argentinian Comedy gold!

The film is currently be showing at various cinemas around Argentina. It is an example of a film made under the cooperative system, in which all film technicians receive a portion of the film´s profits.


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