Ginger Gentile and “Goals for Girls: The Movie” on Expat Daily News

by Tracey Chandler, contributing blogger

Read the in-depth interview on Expat Daily News that Ginger Gentile gave about the documentary film “Goals for Girls: The Movie,” that is being filmed at present by San Telmo Productions, Buenos Aires.

The interview is really detailed and shares a lot of information about the current film project to make a full length feature documentary about a group of girls in Villa 31 shantytown who dare to play soccer, which is considered a boy’s sport in Argentina.

The article allows the reader a real insight into the reasons behind San Telmo Production’s desire to create and film, “Goals for Girls: The Movie” and Ginger’s experiences as an expat in Argentina. For more than 8 years she has lived, worked, married and started a business in Buenos Aires. Her advice to fellow expats: Don’t expect to replicate your life in the US abroad. . . While I do these things because I love them, it has been easier for us to create projects than to get work on other people’s projects.

On top of the interview, there is a highly interactive Facebook Fan Page that you can join in order to show support for the project. Some of the project’s really supportive friends have been using the donate button on the Fan Page in order to donate small sums of money via Facebook too. These funds will be used to start a video workshop for the girls so they can contribute to the documentary.

The project, with their support of many, looks to be a real success and a positive lifeline for the girls from Villa 31.


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