Argentina Cinema Grows Audiences

2009 was a very good year for “cine nacional” in Argentina, with huge gains in local audiences over 2008. Many Argentines complain that the local cinema is boring compared with Hollywood blockbusters, and local producers have listened, turning out high quality films that are filled with comedy and action (as well as some super cool special effects). “Secreto de sus Ojos” (The Secret of their Eyes) had 2.3 million spectators domestically, and this combined with other successes means that there was a 26% increase of viewers over 2008.

National movies increased their box office grosses by 52% over 2008!

There was a 10% decrease in spectators for foreign films in 2009.

This year, 2010, “Dos Hermanos” (two brothers) and “Carancho” are the most successful films.

Thanks to the magazine Haciendo Cine for the data!


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