“Zenitram: Un Argentino que Vuela” Review of new film

by Tracey Chandler, contributing blogger

“Zenitram: Un Argentino que Vuela” is an interesting little film that is well worth the 6 pesos entrance fee at the INCAA endorsed cinema in Congreso if you have the chance to go. Written and Directed by Luis Barone
and staring the amazingly talented (and not bad on the eyes) Juan Minujín as Zenitram and Verónica Sánchez as Laura in the supporting female role.  The film was produced as a “cooperative” meaning that all the workers are part owners of the film.

It tells the story of an ordinary, young, male Argentine who for some unknown reason is selected by the powers that be to become Argentina’s next superhero and bring back the water to a land that is slowly dying of thirst; to an Argentina of 2015 that is now having to pay for its water because all the water that is left is owned by a large corporation.

The film is very “tongue in cheek” throughout and a lot of references to Argentine politics of today and the past are hinted at and implied constantly. It’s incredibly humorous at points and very visual. Some of the best jokes are slapstick moments, including the scene when the drug-addicted superhero sails head first into the obelisk in the middle of a national celebration one evening.

The narrative comes to a close with everything being put right with the world (the details of which will be left blank so as not to ruin the story) and a comic about the antics and actions of “Zentiram” are made into a comic, developed and sustained by the journalist who also acts as the narrating voice over from the moment the film begins.

And for those who want a behind the scenes look at how the special effects were made, below is the chroma screen from an important scene (note, there is no audio).



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