Facebook Page for Goals for Girls-Coming Soon!

by Tracey Chandler, contributing blogger

Goals for Girls: The Movie is a full length documentary film that is currently being shot in Villa 31 shantytown in Buenos Aires and tracks the story of a group of girls from the slum that desperately wants to play football (soccer). They have built a team and play regularly. They have also won some competitions in the past too, but they do all of this against the prejudices of their close society, their families and the boys in the area who deliberately disrupt their games and practices.

Now is the time to begin supporting their efforts and the efforts of the documentary which will tell their story through becoming a fan on Facebook. The documentary short, which is already a huge success, has been entered into the New York Latino Film Festival 2010 and the INCAA has backed the feature length project with a sizable grant. However, the grant is by no means enough to take the project through to its end and therefore the project is looking for all the support and donations it can get. No donation is too small. For this reason, part of the marketing campaign is to get people talking more about the project and spreading the word.

This is where the Goals for Girls: The Movie Facebook Fan Page comes in. This week, the Facebook Fan Page for Goals for Girls will be launched and the producers of the project are asking anyone out there, who is either a fan of soccer, a supporter of women’s rights or a lover of film, to become a fan of the page. In the meantime, you can click on the official website to get updates and donate today! http://www.goalsforgirlsthemovie.org


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