Prana Pelu… Watch a Movie in the Hairdressers!

by Tracey Chandler, Contributing Blogger

In Buenos Aires, there are many places where it is possible to watch a movie other than a traditional movie theatre or centre of cultural interest. One of the most absurd, and therefore most fascinating, places in which to watch a film is Prana Pelu, an ordinary (although, perhaps not quite as ordinary as it seems) hairdressers, located on Avenida Cramer 2383 in Capital Federal. Just to be entirely clear, the showing of films in Prana Pelu is not of the “watch a bit of a film whilst you have that new hair style fashioned into place” kind of film-showing. People actually go to this hairdressers, usually during the early evenings, to sit a watch a film on their LCD screen, positioned on the upstairs balcony area.

Prana Pelu is one of the venues in Buenos Aires that can be classed under the “Microcine” umbrella; a group of unlikely film venues that have recently developed and now attract healthy numbers of cinema goers to their venues on a regular basis. Films range from Argentine feature lengths to Hollywood classics, new releases and documentary shorts. The choices are always random and a program is never officially published, as the intimate crowd that it has engaged care less for the content of the showings and more about the watching of film in general.

Why not make a call to Prana directly to find out what films they’re showing this week and experience the hairdressing cinema cult for yourself?


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