Argentine Cinema Blog Recommendation

by Tracey Chandler, Contributing Blogger

A really good blog for Argentine film reviews and information about Argentine film stars and their activities in the world of cinema is “¿Qué vemos hoy? El blog del cine argentino.”

It quickly keeps readers up to date with Argentine films that are shortly going to arrive in the cinemas through the use of pictorial information at thee top of the side bar. It also lists the new “faces” that have recently begun to form a name for themselves in the world of Argentine cinema, shares soundtracks from films and highlights new blogs to visit related to Argentine cinema in really easy to read formats. The entire blog, because of its simplicity, is really clickable.

The blog creators are also HUGE fans of photos and videos, which makes the blog really inviting. It’s an engaging blog visually and the quality of the written content makes it a good read too. A lot of the posts published on the site cover the same, or at least very similar, content to what is posted here on Filming in Argentina, but comparing the film reviews is actually really quite interesting, for instance. There’s a great review on their about “Rompecabezas” and the recent “Carancho” release is also worth logging on for.

Click on the link above and take a look.


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