“Goals for Girls” Documentary’s Protagonists Excited about Video Workshop

Yesterday’s film shoot for “Goals for Girls” turned out to be more exciting than expected. While the goal for the shoot was to just get footage of the girls playing at a tournament outside of the shantytown, one of the girls got injured during a game when a player from the challenging team kicked her in the foot (even though the girl didn’t have the ball at the time). Even though there was an apology, the game had to be suspended due to accusations flying around and the threat of a fist fight. One of the main challenges of the girls is to turn their anger–their anger at being poor and being discriminated against–into something positive.

On a brighter note, a few girls came up to me as I was filming and asked me about how the camera works. One girl, Laura, said that she loved to take photos but doesn’t have her own camera. I gave her a quick lesson on the difference between an object being in focus and being out of focus, and for the rest of the shoot she followed me, looking at the LCD as I filmed her teammates vent at the camera. We also talked to the girls about the video workshop we’ll be starting for them soon, and a lot of them are excited to participate.  Go to http://www.goalsforgirlsthemovie.org to find out how you can help make the workshop a reality by making a tax deductible donation or becoming a sponsor.

At the end of the shoot, a reporter for a local paper showed up and she asked the girls some questions for a story she is working on. Belen said that she believes boys will always play better than them, but not because they have more experience but because they are stronger and “rougher”. Old stereotypes die-hard.


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