Coming Soon: Eva & Lola

I just saw this trailer featuring two beautiful young actresses, Emme and Celeste Cid (Ms. Cid is a very famous television actress, and I think every man in Argentina has a crush on her) in a movie about an underground cabaret. . . The photography is excellent!

Eva’s father disappeared during the military dictatorship. Eva learns that the father of her friend Lola, working with the circus Punk Cabaret, also disappeared and when she was a child, Lola was raised by strangers. Eva helps her friend for her to choose between living a lie or seek the truth. It is based on a true story.

The Argentine premier is set for May 13 2010 and it is directed by Sabrina Farji.

The director hopes that this film will bring the story of the dictatorship to a younger audience by telling it in a fresh way.


One thought on “Coming Soon: Eva & Lola

  1. I would like to present Eva y Lola, this extraordinary film at the workshops of the SOA Watch during the November Vigil at Fort Benning, Georgia. We are not a profit organization but we are very concern about Human Rights and against militarism. I would like to receive information of how to contact Pascual Condito, who, as I understand, is the distributor of the film.

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