INCAA (Argentine State Film Board) to Launch Video on Demand and TV Channel to Promote Argentine Films

From Variety, by Charles Newbery

BUENOS AIRES – Argentina’s state film board Incaa is preparing to launch a
video-on-demand service as soon as this year, a latest effort to help
homegrown films turn a profit as theatrical and DVD markets falter, piracy
swells and the demand for home entertainment rises.

The pay-per-view service will be for local and international fare streamed
on a dedicated site.

The filmmaker will pocket 90% of the proceeds and Incaa the rest for helping
fund Argentina’s annual production of 80 features.

In another effort, Incaa this year will launch INCAAtv, a satellite feed for
beaming free-for-view films to the country’s 10 million TV homes, the first
of its kind in Latin America.

Read the complete Story http://www.variety. com/index. asp?layout= bio&peopleID= 4025


2 thoughts on “INCAA (Argentine State Film Board) to Launch Video on Demand and TV Channel to Promote Argentine Films

  1. Hello!

    Congratulations on receiving funding from INCAA. I am an Argentine-American film maker and am seeking funding/financing for my documentary film, FINDING MABEL.

    Can you share with me where to obtain the information and/or the application for a documentary grant through INCAA? You seem to have a very compelling story–other than that, can you share anything that you believe made your application successful?

    Thank you so much, and I wish you and your film all the success!
    A fellow film maker.

    Eileen Mabel Reardon

  2. We’d love to share with you and other filmmakers about how to get funding from INCAA in Argentina. Millions of dollars are granted each year. It is not an easy process and it requires a lot of steps and a local production company, but it is much easier than getting Hollywood to make it.
    At San Telmo Productions, we offer consulting services to walk filmakers through the process which can be contracted via the hour or for the project.
    learn more at
    We also offer production services to independent films and documentaries, and in very special cases co-productions.

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