“Carancho” by Pablo Traparo for Half-Price at Hoyts Cinemas

by Tracey Chandler, Contributing Blooger

Do you want to see the new Argentine feature film, “Carancho,” by Pablo Traparo, hopefully to be featured in the Cannes Film Festival this year? Staring Ricardo Darin, leading man of oscar-winner “The Secret of Their Eyes”? A movie deals with Argentina’s high rate of mortality from traffic accidents? Do you want to see it for half-price?

Of course you do!

Well, if you ride the subte enough times (always being sure to just by ONE subte ticket at a time, because Hoyts Cinemas are not advertising on tickets that cover more than one subte journey at a time) you are bound to eventually be given a single subte pass which has a Hoyts Cinema Offer printed on the ticket…..

Basically, during the month of May (“Carancho” is showing in the cinemas from 6th May onwards), you only have to pay AR$15 at any Hoyts Cinema if you also have one of these special subte passes to supplement your purchase. I´ve managed to collect three this week without even trying to do so.

Keep an eye out on those subte passes in general. The single subte tickets always have advertisements on them. Sometimes for things perhaps less appealing, like cars or insurance, but sometimes for things more cultural. There are bargains galore in Buenos Aires if you keep your eyes open!


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