Who Won BAFICI 2010?

by Tracey Chandler, contributing blogger

Last night was the closing night of the twelve year strong BAFICI (Independent Film Festival of Buenos Aires), a popular two week (roughly), independent film festival including a full program of open-air screenings, concerts, book presentations and more, all on top of the regular cinema showings across a variety of participating cinemas in the city.

The major winners are “Alamar” , by Pedro González-Rubio (Mexico) in the international competition, “Lo que más quiero”, by Delfina Castagnino was named best Argentinian film by the international critics and “Invernadero”, by Gonzalo Castro was named best Argentine film.

The Stats

For all you “Fact Fiends” out there, here are the stats…..

200 thousand regular cinema tickets sold

280 thousand people attending cinema showings and extra stuff combined, like the book presentations and open-air screenings

10% increase in ticket sales and attendance in comparison to that of the 2009 BAFICI….. not bad!

for a complete list of winners and more fun stats, keep reading!

422 films exhibited

21 cinemas participating in 12 different venues

105 short films

36 medium-length films

281 feature films

48 different participating countries

1115 showings in total across the entire eleven days….. phew!!!

86 of the films were Argentine (44 features and 42 shorts)

3 of these Argentine films participated in the International Competition and 11 made up the Argentine Official Selection as world premieres……. that´s an impressive figure!

The Winners

And now….. who were the winners??? Well, I´m not going to list them all in this post…. a little boring to say the least (a full list can be seen by clicking here) ……but having kept up with what´s been going on on the ground over the past two weeks, there are some names that I would personally like to highlight above the rest. They are as follows:

Link to BAFICI website: http://www.bafici.gov.ar/home10/web/index.php/en/press/news_full/v/id/63.html

International Official Selection

– Best film: “Alamar” , by Pedro González-Rubio (Mexico).

– Best Director: Corneliu Poromboiu for “Police, Adjective” (Rumania).

– Best Argentine Film Distinction / Distinción a Mejor Película Argentina: “Lo que más quiero”, by Delfina Castagnino.

Argentine Official Selection

– Best Film: “Invernadero”, by Gonzalo Castro.

– Best Photography Distinction: “Las pistas – Lanhoyij- Nmitaxanaxac”, by Sebastián Lingiardi.

Short Films Official Competition

– Best Short Film: “Sábado uno”, by Ignacio Rogers (Argentina).

– Best Short Film: “Mientras paseo en cisne”, by Lara Arellano (Argentina).

– Best Short Film: “La mia casa”, by Marcelo Scoccia (Argentina).

– Mention: “Los árboles se mueven, Sergio. Sí, Christian”, by Christian Nunclares and Sergio Subero (Argentina).


Human Rights Competition

– Best Feature Film: “Cuchillo de palo”, by Renate Costa (Spain-Paraguay).

Cinema of the Future

– Best Feature Film: “Morrer como un homem”, by João Pedro Rodriguez (France-Portugal).

– Mention: “Sewer”, by Sherad Anthony Sanchez (Philipines)

If you didn´t see any of this festival then you´ll have to wait until next year! Don´t miss out again. It really is two weeks worth of undiscovered gems.


3 thoughts on “Who Won BAFICI 2010?

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  2. A couple of weeks ago I visit the BAFICI

    The movie finished and the translator invited audience to make questions to the director. I almost started laughing because there was only silence in the room and the director and translator waiting by the screen. It made me nervous that nobody said anything! so uncomfortable!

    The director said something in the translator’s ear and by that time a boy had a question. Before he asked, the translator had said that the director had told her he wouldn’t make any comments about that movie.

    The boy was asked to repeat his question as director didn’t get it pretty well. So then they went ..repeated question and director’s answer. Immediately after that, the translator person said:

    -‘Bueno damos por terminado este evento-‘

    Aplaudimos y dejamos la sala

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