“Goals for Girls” Documentary Mentioned in EH Star Newspaper

Sometimes its good to be the local girl . . . we’re kicking off our fundraising drive for our feature doc Goals for Girls and I just got this mention from my local hometown paper in East Hampton, NY. And I’m lucky that my hometown is filled with Hollywood insiders and one of the top festivals in the US (for the record, I’m a local and waited tables for the celebs, didn’t dine with them). My only complaint is that it makes me look far more like a saint than I am!

Here’s the first part, with a link to the end to the original:

Shining a Light on Poverty and Soccer
By Leigh Goodstein

(April 15, 2010)    G­­inger Gentile has always been an activist. From her beginnings as an overachiever in Catholic school in Southampton to her valedictorian speech at the East Hampton High School’s class

Photo: Emilliano Pozzoni

Ginger Gentile has turned her camera on the plight of women soccer players in one of the largest slums in South America.

of 1998 graduation ceremony to her work with unions in Jakarta, Indonesia, she has always focused on what is wrong and tried to make it right, she said.

Ms. Gentile ended up in South America after traveling from New York City to Guatemala and Cuba on a mission to learn Spanish in order to work with unions for Hispanic garment workers in Manhattan. But she never returned to the city. More. . .


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