UNICIPAR: Short Film Festival on the Coast

We just got back from UNICIPAR, one of the longest running short film festivals in Argentina that is part of the international UNICA festival–also one of the longest running festivals in the world (to give you an idea, the Lumiere brother were the judges in the first festival!).  Over 30 local and international shorts were shown, including San Telmo Production’s “Man Vs. Meteorite” short documentary.

Overall, it was a great experience–each morning we went to the beach of Villa Gesell (six hours away from Buenos Aires) and in the afternoon saw a wide range of shorts. We were pleasantly surprised by the technical quality of the Argentinian shorts.

We also caught some non-competition films, and were blown away by a documentary that takes viewers through one of the last violent fights between the military and armed political groups in Argentina, that ended badly, called “Tablada: El final de los 70”. Later we talked with director Fabian Agosta about his film and Gabriel Balanovsky, co-owner of San Telmo Productions shared with him his memories of this tragic event. You can read more about this documentary at http://tabladadoc.blogspot.com/


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