BAFICI Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival Starts Tomorrow

There are festivals that are more competitive, that have more money, and that end up in more distribution deals, but few are as fun, as widely attended and as culturally important as BAFICI, the annual Buenos Aires festival that celebrates the weird, quirky and just plain good of global cinema.

BAFICI started in 1999 and grows each year: in 2008 there were 220 thousand spectators at the 1011 screenings in the 9 venues of the festival.

With its wide range of films including Argentine, Latin American and worldwide premieres as well as well-deserved retros, BAFICI is the greatest, most prestigious event for the independent cinema in Latin America. Many of the films shown go own to world fame but for the majority, this will be the only chance for them to be seen by an Argentine public.

And for the first time, buying tickets is easy! Yesterday I went on to the website, browsed films by date and hour and venue, read the descriptions, and then just clicked to buy on-line. A big improvement over past years, when you had to wait on long lines and they would always run out of schedules.

Be warned: many screenings sell out!

The advance sale of tickets for the 12th BAFICI, which starts on Wednesday the 7th of April, continues through this weekend. Through the internet, on the website and personally at the Hoyts Abasto cinema complex (Av. Corrientes 3247).  During the festival, from Thursday the 8th, tickets will be on sale at $10 pesos on the ticket booths in every cinema.

I won’t be able to go to as many films as years past (where I would go to 5 a day) but I will be posting reviews to the films I get to see.

See you at Abasto!


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