Another Happy Client: Author of “The New Global Student” Maya Frost

We received this kind note from Maya Frost after filming a 20 minute video for her:

¨San Telmo Productions could not have been a better choice for our
first experience making a 20 minute keynote address that was filmed in
Buenos Aires.  They were quick to respond to each of our pre-production
requests and set up the shoot almost at a moment’s notice.

¨Once at the shoot, Ginger Gentile was patient and methodical and lead me
step by step through the process.  Ginger had done her homework and
appeared to know the entire script by heart.  Even more importantly,
Ginger knew what points the script was weak and had us shoot extra
takes with different language and different angles to make sure the
final version was not missing any key elements.

¨The final product was provided quickly and the few edits we asked for
were done within hours of our request.

¨The end result were five hundred satisfied Rotary International
conference attendees who viewed the keynote address in Chicago,
Illinois and provided very positive feedback.

¨All in all, an extremely positive experience and we certainly can
recommend San Telmo Productions very highly.¨

Maya Frost
The New Global Student:
Skip the SAT, Save Thousands on Tuition, and Get a Truly International Education
Crown/Three Rivers Press/Random House


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