The Secret of their Eyes WINS OSCAR, Argentina Celebrates!

The Argentine film “The Secret in Their Eyes,” a thriller about a 25-year-long manhunt, won the Academy Award for best foreign language film. The Oscar win was the second for Argentina, following the win by “The Official Story” in 1985. The film’s director, Juan Jose Campanella, previously directed a movie that was also nominated for best foreign film: “Son of the Bride” in 2002. He has also worked frequently in American TV, including the shows “House” and “30 Rock.”

And he showed his sense of humor Sunday. “I want to thank the academy for not considering Na’vi a foreign language,” said Campanella, referring to the invented language of “Avatar” while he accepted the award.

The build up to the Oscars this Sunday was huge in Argentina, especially considering that the oscar ceremony is not a big event here. The film enjoyed wide box office success and is considered by many to be a display of the technical prowless of the Argentine film industry.

We hope this will increase the growing number of productions that choose Argentina as their filming location of choice.


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