Video as Fundrasing Tool for NGO (Charities)

As charities and NGOS (non-governmental organizations, aka non-profits) have to kick up their fundraising efforts, many more or turning to video to create an emotional connection between potential donors and the people their donation will help. We have been filming “Slum Girl Soccer” (aka “Goals for Girls”) which follows the struggles of teenage girls to play a sport that is off-limits to them in Argentina: soccer. We have received a grant from the INCAA (Arg. film board) to make a feature film, but in the meantime have been supporting the NGO Soccer Without Borders by making a short video fundraising appeal. Check it out!

And here is the feedback we got from Soccer Without Borders:

“Everyone loved the video tonight.  We were able to show it to a great group of supporters and it got everyone fired up for our fundraising run early next year.
Thanks again for everything that went into making it happen.”–Lisa Milton

One thought on “Video as Fundrasing Tool for NGO (Charities)

  1. ¡Felicitaciones por este proyecto! What a great story. This is a fabulous idea and I am sure it will make a big difference in the lives of all the girls involved! ¡Viva Argentina!

    Rick en Nueva York
    The Community-Driven Online Spanish Dictionary

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