Dogwalking Documentary: Pre-production Begins

When you are a filmmaker, you never have time to sit back and relax and watch all those cool films that inspired you to pick up a camera in the first place. Just a few days after finishing up production for Nextfilm´s “The Nazi Hunters” for the History Channel, we´re launching into pre-production for a documentary about dog walkers, to be directed by Australian Peter Wilson. Peter visited Buenos Aires many times, and became intrigued by the thousands of young men and women who walk up to 15 dogs at a time. The dogs are well-behaved, and as you can imagine, each  dog walker has a story to tell. From biting dogs ears as punishment, to retraining mean dogs, to dealing with humans, this doc will have it all.

If you live in Buenos Aires and know of an interesting dog walker or use this service, feel free to contact us: we want to interview you!


3 thoughts on “Dogwalking Documentary: Pre-production Begins

  1. Hey Michael, my names the same as yours, except mines spelled with an “o”..Oddly enough I have the same name, and career path as you. I also want to become an editor, except in sports. I would very much like to hear back from you.

    thanks, Mike P.

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