Ginger Gentile and San Telmo Productions Featured in “The Argentimes”

Buenos Aires youth orriented English Language Newspaper, the Argentimes, is running a story about me and San Telmo Productions in their “Ex-Pat” files section. It was great to sit down and talk with reporter Kelsey Marie Bell about machismo, my views on sex in cinema (there´s too much nudity and not enough conversation about female sexuality) and our latest projects, “The Hooker & the Transvestite” and “Slum Girls Soccer“.  Always interesting to see how such a long conversation gets boiled down into a few paragraphs!

Here´s a taste of the article:

Do you actively try to draw attention to these kinds of social issues?

Definitely, but we want to do it in a way that is palatable. One thing that we want to bring to Argentine cinema is show these horrible life situations in a funny or entertaining way. There are topics that we’re interested in that have harsh realities, but we want to tell the story in a way that the people involved aren’t victims. When you put someone in the role as a victim, you dehumanise them.

To read more:


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