Film Production Company in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, San Telmo Productions is a film and video production company owned and operated by Argentinean and U.S. filmmakers, ensuring the right mix between local know-how and an understanding of the needs of international markets and clients.

Co-owned and operated by filmmakers Ginger Gentile, a New Yorker and graduate of Columbia University, and Gabriel Balanovsky, who is a registered producer with INCAA (Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales), the Argentine Film board.

We have worked for multinationals such as Pottery Barn and Diagio, as well as local clothing lines like Delaostia. We have filmed all over Argentina. We have provided production services to create traditional commercials as well as have been contracted to create non-traditional ads: web videos, documentaries-as-ads and branded fiction.

San Telmo Productions can help you take advantage of Argentina´s low costs and century long history of quality filmmaking.

San Telmo Productions knows what international and local clients want from video and film productions: on-time delivery, clear budgets, proven technicians and creative problem solving. We work with the best technicians and equipment without passing on the costs to our clients, thanks to our low overhead.

Owners Ginger Gentile and Gabriel Balanovsky have worked in a variety of positions in the film industry, and know the best technicians not just because they have hired them, but also because they have worked side by side with them. They know who works well and who doesn´t.

San Telmo Productions has close relationships with studios, rental houses and other suppliers. This allows us to get lower prices than other production companies.

We understand that a main reason for choosing Argentina is the cost advantage, and we guarantee to never offer “Hollywood” prices to our clients.

Offer packages, can take care of the complete process, from travel arrangements, hotel reservations, transport to pre-production, location scouting, filming in HD or film, and post production, including sound mixing at the award winning Ñandú Sound studio.

San Telmo Productions offers film production services in Argentina, video production, and equipment rental.


One thought on “Film Production Company in Buenos Aires, Argentina

  1. Hi,

    we’re thinking of coming down to shoot a few fashion commercials beginning of januari 2010.
    have no contacts sofar at all out there, can you give me some more info/price-indications in general?

    best regards,

    Pieter Witte
    Executive Producer
    Dender Productions BV

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