Filming Tonight, and everything is ready

There is nothing like going into a complicated production (crew of 25, night shoot, 20 lights, travelings, etc) and the day before realizing that everything is taken care of.  Right now our production chief is labeling boxes, and instead of calling frantically is smiling. She was even able to sleep 8 hours last night!

We are so excited to have been able to have such good people working on “The Hooker & the Transvestite: Episode 2” for  As a director, it is a great feeling to know that all I have to focus on is directing, and not resolving problems.


2 thoughts on “Filming Tonight, and everything is ready

  1. Focusing on your job and each person doing theirs, you should be running the country! I applaud your ability to get the kind of people who understand we are all connected.

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