A Week Alone: New Argentine Movie backed by Scorsese

Argentine cinema has a new golden girl, and her name is Celina Murga. After the critical success of her first film, “Ana y los Otros” (Ana and the Others) she won a grant from Rolex to be mentored by Martin Scorsese who produced her second film, “Una Semana Solos” (A Week Alone). Murga has been the subject of a large number of press mentions in and outside of Argentina due to her relationship with Scorsese and because her first film found it´s way on many local critics´ top ten lists. (It should be noted that many viewers, including me, did not like the film because it had no central conflict: the movie ends the moment before the conflict begins).

The film “A Week Alone” takes place in a posh “private” neighborhood in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. A group of children are left alone by their parents and one of the older girls invites a very cute but very poor boy to stay with them. It is worth a look, as Scorsese himself has praised it, saying that even he “could learn from it”.

And this trailer has English subtitles!

Official website:



2 thoughts on “A Week Alone: New Argentine Movie backed by Scorsese

  1. just saw this on tv
    dullest dumbest movie in a long time
    totally pointless
    nothing happens worth watching
    there is no there there
    what a load of crapppp

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