Hot Locations in Barracas: The New “Cool” Buenos Aires Neighborhood, according to NY TIMES

It´s official. The world has discovered Barracas, a neighborhood on the South side of Buenos Aires, next to San Telmo and la Boca. For years overlooked, this zone has posh high rises and warehouses, busy boulevards and quite cobblestone streets. Now, artists have moved in and are refurbishing the buildings.

Barracas has a lot of great locations for fiction shoots and commercials, and here is a short list of some ideas to get your mouth watering. BONUS: this neighborhood is not filled with film crews like other areas, so neighbors are more willing to help and cut deals on location fees.

Santa Felicitas Church

A beautiful catholic church built in 1879 to honor the tragic death of patrician woman Felicitas Guerrero who was murdered by a spurned lover, it is said to be haunted by her ghost. (In my next post, I will talk about the newly released movie about her life). This church features huge statues of angels on every nook and cranny, who look like they are about to jump off the ledge!

Iglesia Santa Felicitas

Iglesia Santa Felicitas

Calle Lanín

Begun in 2001 by artist Marino Santamaria, this street has been covered in beautiful paintings, making it a living work of art. Great for a street scene with a twist, or for a love scene between two hipster artists. BONUS: street is quite with little traffic.

Calle Lanín

Calle Lanín

New York Times Article:

Website of local artist who has turned one Barracas Street into a work of art (literally):


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