“Tetro”, Francis Ford Coppola´s Argentina Movie, to Premier June 11th in USA

Tetro being filmed in Argentina by Francis Ford Coppola was last year´s biggest news in the Buenos Aires film community–everyone wanted to work on it, and everyone also complained about it. From Francis getting his lap top stolen and loosing his “only copy” of the script (the guy doesn´t make backups?) to reports of the actors union shutting down the set to protest low wages to rumors of heir Sophia shutting down production to celebrate her birthday. . . well, now that is all in the past. What counts is the movie Coppola was able to film. Edited by my favorite editor of all times, Walter Murch (who gave a standing room only talk at a local film school), the trailer definitely is dramatic and poetic. I´m a bit surprised by the look–very low light and on HD, it looks unlike any other of Coppola´s films.  I´m always surprised when people in Argentina speak Spanish on screen, but that´s Hollywood folks. US debut is June 11th: news on it premiering in Argentina is still not available.


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