Slum Girl Soccer just mentioned on Inspira Travel Blog

Our feature length documentary in the works, Slum Girl Soccer, was just mentioned on the Inspira Travel Blog after meeting with Maren and the wonderful folks and Inspira Travel, a boutique travel agency in Buenos Aires. I was really impressed that an upscale travel agency took so much interest in hearing about the stories of these girls! Goes to show that there is a difference in being a tourist and being a traveler! (extra points if you know what book/movie that distinction comes from):
“In other countries, where women´s team sports are popular and plentiful, the notion of a female soccer team might not be of any interest. Yet in South America, where futbol reigns supreme, there are few female teams, not to mention a complete lack of any women´s professional league. The benefits that come with practicing a team sport – among them, sportsmanship, discipline, support, physical well-being – are many, though the challenges that these young women face make such benefits hard won.” More from Inspira. . .



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