New Art House Cinema Opens in Buenos Aires´Most Dangerous Neighborhood

Constitution is the type of neighborhood any world class city can´t be without: a train station surrounded by bus stations, illegal markets and prostitutes. But the red light district will now be home to a new business: the Complejo Arte Cinema which will feature three movie theaters that will project art movies in 35mm or digital formats. The cinema will also feature a bar and be housed in a beautiful old cinema/theater that for years has served other uses (including showing XXX films).

The project was the brain child of director Daniel Burman and the producers Diego Dubcovsky, Pablo Rovito, Fernando Sokolowicz and José María Morales.

Will the artsy crowd go to a neighborhood down and out to see the latest from Peru or Japan? As overall ticket sales decline in Argentina (in part due to the price being too high for the middle and lower class) this is definitely a bold experiment (although there is a film school, CFP-SICA, just three blocks away). We wish them the best of luck and hope that they will offer cheap tickets so everyone can experience the magic of watching a movie on the big screen.


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