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For the first time ever I´m working on a fiction film shoot where no one smokes cigarettes (I quit last August), which is quite refreshing. Just mate, coffee and streams of white paper that are filled with sketches of each scene we will film (called a story board). We start filming our short film, called “La prostituta y la travesti” on Monday, and the idea is to have everything finished within a week. I like filming this way, with small agile crews and time limits. But everyone on the shoot is super pro and we are filming with the SONY XDCAM, which we used to shoot our documentary on knife making.

We will be working as all co-directors, but each focusing on one aspect: the story idea is mine and I´ll be doing the continuity and co-editing. Gabriel Balanovsky is focusing on the production side, and Synes Elischka (who is visiting us from Austria) will be doing camera and coediting.

Hopefully in a week I will have something to show all of you!


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