“Amanda O” takes soap opera world/online community by storm

So what “telenovela” (soap opera) is all of Argentina talking about? Hint, it´s not on TV. It´s “Amanda O” staring beautiful actress/businesswoman Natalia Oreiro and “galan” (hunk) Luciano Castro. And it is one of the first shows in Argentina to not only be released over the internet and mobile devices, but also work its way into the popular consciousness. No doubt due to its beautiful and talented star, Natalia–she´s one of the few good looking women on TV that you don´t want to hit for being an idiot! And the production values are top rate–beautifully lit, attention to detail.

You can see the complete series at www.novebox.com

The launch is the responsibility of the producer Dori Media Group and will have new elements such as interaction with the viewer. In addition, the series will be available for download on mobile devices.  It is now on its second season.

“Amanda O” (Natalia Oreiro) is a popular international pop star and actress, star of one of the most successful telenovelas of recent years, addicted to the camera and above all things to her own image. At the height of her career she suffers a major setback, and looses everything in an unfortunate accident.
Almost unwittingly begin a new life with Dante (Luciano Castro, a former star of “La Lola”), an avant-garde artist, who appears as a savior and hilarious love-hate relationship ensues. Amanda O, now without fame, seeks to reinvent herself, trying on personalities like sets of clothes.

But what makes this show stand out is the acting of Natalia, and some completely delirious and sexy sequences.


One thought on ““Amanda O” takes soap opera world/online community by storm

  1. We are the one who did th english dubbed version of this great soap opera… And i was part of it as one of the writers 😀

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