A fellow New Yorker directs award winning Tango Documentary

Last night at an asado (barbeque where you eat lots and lots of meat) we met Caroline Neal, NYU film school grad and director of one of the most important tango documentaries in recent memory “Si Sos Brujo”. Over glasses of wine she told us about her interesting story–she decided to film the story of how a young tango musician recruited the great Emilio Balcarce and other old masters to teach tango to a young generation. The drama comes from the fact that these old masters are in their 80s and 90s, and the clock is literally ticking.

What Caroline told me was that she married the subject of the documentary–no, not Emilio the 80 year old, the young Ignacio Varchausky who put the whole project together! She now has a 3 year old with him.

Caroline is definately as passionate about tango as she is about filming and also managed to get INCAA (national film board) funding for her documentary, in spite of being from the US (the board favors local directors).


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