Want Web Video? Professional Quality is the New Trend Online

(from emarkerer daily) After watching millions of short user-generated video clips on YouTube, are online viewers looking for something, well…better? According to the report “Pro Online Video Views 1998–2012” from AccuStream iMedia Research, they might be. The firm found that professionally produced online video grew nearly 25% last year, accounting for 41.6 billion views.

Over 30% of the professionally produced online video was children’s entertainment.  The Diffusion Group (TDG) found that in 2008, short and user-generated clips made up 60% of US video advertising revenues. US Online Streaming Video Advertising Revenues, by Video Type, 2008 & 2013 (% of total) But TDG analysts predicted that 70% of streaming video ad revenues will come from long-form videos in 2013. It looks like both viewers and ad dollars are shifting.

Viral videos, web videos, short documentaries, web commercials:  when you are trying to sell your business, your video needs to reflect your professionalism. At San Telmo Productions, one of our core products is web video and our aim is to create little works of art that will get your business noticed at a fraction of the price of a traditional ad campaign.  Also, branding made-for-web fiction and documentary content can help your business tap into a new audience.


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