Wipeout worldwide: 1 set=20 TV shows, in as many languages

The surprise hit “Wipeout” on ABC — that game show where contestants are beat up by a water opstacle course) has spawned many, many local versions, ranging from (I´m not making this up) Argentinean, Chilean, Dutch, German, Nordic, British, Croatian, Serbian, French Canadian, English-speaking Canadian, Arab (complete with women in hijab), Turkish, Israeli. . . etc. But other than the US version, all are filmed on a set located an hour outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Just look at the Argentinean version–a lot like the US one, on purpose.

The level of interest generated by the new format at Mip TV this April has prompted Endemol, the production company, to invest millions in building what is set to be the world’s biggest TV obstacle course, located in Argentina.  This will be used for back to back productions of Wipeout for broadcasters all over the world. Endemol chose to make Argentina the location for multiple broadcasts because of it´s combination of low cost and technical expertise.


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