New Year´s Wishes. . . ¡Felices Fiestas!

San Telmo Productions (click to visit site)

San Telmo Productions

The New Year is fast upon us and San Telmo Productions is ready to pop the champagne bottles with you to celebrate a successful 2008. This year, we have created over 20 web videos as well as documentary shorts for Independent Film Channel and Current TV. We have also finished principal photography for two documentaries, one about a shantytown girl’s soccer team in Villa 31 and another about gaucho culture and crafts. Currently, we have three feature films (two fiction and one documentary) in development. We would like to take time to thank all of our clients and fans for helping us to create great videos for the web, TV, and beyond!

We expect 2009 to be a busy year for us, in part because more companies are turning to web video and web commercials to differentiate themselves in a competitive economy. Also, Argentina is continuing to grow as the chosen location for foreign production crews—you would be surprised how many US TV shows, with English speaking casts, are being filmed here. San Telmo Productions is currently positioning its self to become a leader in producing content for the local and foreign markets. We are expanding our staff and completely redesigning our web site, as well as developing competitive production packages for web and TV commercial shoots.

This is an exciting time for new media: studies are showing that US citizens are watching more and more video on the Internet, and that this is slowly replacing TV watching. More and more businesses in Argentina are realizing that a professionally made video is not just a nice extra to have on their web site—it is a vital part of their marketing campaign. Internet surfers no longer “read” web sites, like newspapers, they now expect to search for, watch and interact with web sites.

To meet this growing need, we are launching new products in 2009:

–2.0 WEB COMMERCIALS—just like a TV commercial, but budgeted and filmed with the web in mind. Many different commercials for one company can be filmed the same day, saving costs.

–VERICAST VIRAL VIDEOS—short videos that impart useful information (such as how to do something) while also encouraging potential clients to use a particular business. These can be filmed on location or in our studio at affordable prices.

These are in addition to our core products, BUSINESS TOUR WEB VIDEO and TV COMMERCIALS.

To help us grow, Davin Rockstad (an Alaskan born expatriate currently pursuing a masters at the prestigious San Andres University in Buenos Aires ) has joined our staff as marketing and sales director. After assisting many film shoots with us, Zulma Berardino is joining us as office manager.

While we know that things slow down for many clients during the summer, San Telmo Productions will be open for business during January and February. So whether you’re ready to go right into production, or just curious how video might work for you, give us a call at  4307 7694 or email us at We love talking about video!


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