“The L. Sisters” in Official Competition of Mar del Plata Film Festival 2008

“Las Hermanas L.” (The L Sisters”) is in the official competition of Mar del Plata Film Festival 2008. The film was edited by the writer of this blog, Ginger Gentile. It stars many famous faces from Argentina´s small screen.

The catalog has this to say about the film:

Every time Argentine cinema has walked through the unstable ground of kitsch, it generally did it involuntarily, and to its own regret. La dama regresa (1996) is perhaps the last record of a cinematographic attempt to consciously fall into that aesthetic category which, in the words of art critic Federico Klemm “no longer has to do with a systematization of bad taste, but with an amplification of the artificial and excessive”. Unlike Jorge Polaco’s unleashed defense of actress Coca Sarli, this second film made by some of the creators of UPA! smear with make up the world of its main characters, in order to make it more colorful and hot (or horny, because there’s plenty of diverse sex here) And they only bring the subtle eye-lasher when depicting Eva, the oldest; Florencia, the youngest; Lucho, the one between them; and Bruno, the minor. In their neurosis, their fights and reconciliations, in their subtle displacements – regarding objects of desire, love and hate- might lie the secret this self characterized “psychosexual comedy” has found to balance artifice with emotion.


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