Web Commercials, Viral Videos & Branded Docs in Argentina

In these tough economic times, many businesses cut back on advertising. However, with consumers looking for greater bargains and doing more comparison shopping, this money saving strategy can end up costing a business in the long term. A solution is to get more bang for your advertising buck, and a great formula is

production in Argentina (Web Commercials, Viral Videos or Branded Docs) + web platform = more viewers at a lower cost

Using English or Spanish speaking actors, a high quality web commercial made in Argentina can look like it was filmed in any part of the world, and the costs associated with web distribution are MUCH lower than buying TV air time.

Below I posted some stats about where to post the ads when finished and how businesses cannot afford to NOT have a web presence:

Google, including YouTube, has a 55.4% share of video viewing visits to on line video site properties among US Internet users. ( Compete , September 2008)

and check out this great article from Slate that talks about how instead of repeating ads, web ads can use the medium to tell stories and draw in viewers, leaving the “hit them over the head with repetition” style of TV commercials in the past.



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