1st Int´l Interactive TV conference in BsAs: Review

I Encuentro Internacional de TV Interactiva en Latino America from neotvlab on Vimeo.

Today I went to the first Interactive TV conference and was surprised to see that my old friend, Lorena Paz, organized it. Some crazy things I learned today:

1) This is the first Interactive TV conference in Latin America. Europe is on it´s 8th.

2) Latin America has only 5%  of the market share (compared with 30% of Europe) of the new media markets. By increasing this share just a half a point, billions of dollars could be added to Lat Am economies.

3) theoretical note: Interactive TV is new, but there has always been interactive art. Example: Bach wrote his conciertos so that the musician could choose how to play certain interventions and how many instruments to use.

All of the panalists were interesting, but I would have appreciated more practical information about how to implement interactive TV platforms in Buenos Aires.


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