First Press Mention for San Telmo Productions

This Sunday the Buenos Aires Herald, the oldest English language newspaper in BsAs, wrote a story about the soccer team in Villa 31 Retiro that we are making a documentary about, and a photo of ours was used in the spead and Gabriel Balanovsky, San Telmo Productions Co-founder, was quoted. I´m so happy that more people are going to learn about the girls!

You can donate at

So far we have filmed three times in the Villa, or shantytown, and accompanied the girls during the Evita Games championships. Our goal is to produce a 5-10 minute documentary that tells how these girls play a game that until recently was considered to be for boys only. Allie Lasser, from California, founded the team and will serve as our link between the girls and the US audience.

These girls are probably the most famous soccer team in BsAs–some of the girls have told me that they have been interviewed a few times already. The biggest surprise–a lot of them also study theater, dance and art.


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